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Web break monitoring system STV-07

SmartCam in sealed enclosure

гермобокс системы СТВ-05The STV-07 is designed to reduce  paper machines downtime caused by paper web breaks and optimize the operation of the equipment. The system also can be used to monitor the operation of  packaging lines, stamps, printing machines, etc. According to experts, the introduction of paper web monitoring systems reduces the downtime caused by breaks by 20-50%, and payback time of WBM systems ranges from several weeks to several months.

The WBM STV-07 includes SmartCam unit located at the different positions of the machine. and the operator terminal connected via  Ethernet network with SmartCams.

WBM based on SmartCam technology has following advantages:

High quality images due to using of high resolution digital cameras and lenses

Built-in high-intensity pulsed LED lighting with properly secondary optics with a power consumption of 12 Wt replaces a 400Wt metal halide floodlight

Due to mechanical cleaning (wiper) SmartCam proveds high quality images in any position at paper machine, including forming and pressing section

Vortex cooler provide reliable operation of SmartCam  at an ambient temperature of up to 120ºC

Housing both camera and lighting in the same compact body allows to install SmartCam in almost any very close part of paper machine

Shooting frequency of up to 500 frames per second

Viewing of record is possible in 2 seconds after break

The analysis program helps to find out the links between the process parameters and the frequency of the web breaks

Parameters of used cameras:

Resolution, MPX   Frequency of shooting, fps  The size of the matrix, in.
 1,9  50     1/1,2
 2  165   2/3
 5  60   1

 Mobile SmartCam unit on the tripod can be installed almost in any position at paper machin in very short tim and connect  to WBM via Wi-Fi protocol.













 Void of pulp on the forming fabric














Dirty spot on the forming fabricСТВ-05

    Air bubbles in the squirt trim



    Detachment of paper edge in the pick-up aria


     Defects in the press section 


     Breaks in the drying section







       Marking the paper web with press felt seam



  Threading rope defect (paper speed 950 m/sec