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Industrial television system СТВ-05

SmartCam in sealed enclosure

гермобокс системы СТВ-05The monitoring system STV-05 is designed to analyze the causes of breakage of the paper web in the process of its production. The system allows you to significantly reduce the downtime of PMs associated with repeated breaks, optimize the operation of the equipment. In addition, this system can be used to monitor the operation and analysis of emergencies on the PRS, packaging lines, die stamps, printing machines, etc. According to experts, the introduction of paper web monitoring systems reduces the time lost caused by breaks by 20-30%, and Payback periods of monitoring systems range from several weeks to several months. The monitoring system includes SmartCam blocks and the operator terminal connected via an Ethernet network permanently located at different points of the machine.
The SmartCam unit represents a sealed stainless steel enclosure that includes a high-resolution camera, a pulsed LED spotlight, a minicomputer, a unit operation control unit.

The system uses the camera machine vision of the German company Basler

Parameters of used cameras:

Resolution, MPX   Frequency of shooting, fps  The size of the matrix, in.
 1,3  60     1/1,8
 2  165   2/3
 5  60   1

The SmartCam unit in a sealed enclosure mounted on a tripod with a height of up to 3 meters

Stand stv-05V in the unit can be installed mechanical cleaning of the entrance glass (janitor). When using vortex refrigerators, the chambers can work in the drying parts of the machine at temperatures up to 120 0С. After 2 seconds. After the break signal, the recording is made available for viewing at the operator terminal. The shooting frequency of 50-500 frames per second allows the complex to be used at all stages of paper production: PM, PRS, packing lines. In addition to stationary cameras, a mobile camera can be included in the system on a tripod , Which connects to the operator's terminal via the Wi-Fi protocol. The height of the tripod is up to 3 meters, which allows you to use the camera almost anywhere in the machine.





The photo of the grid table of the paper machine made in the program of the STV-05 system













Spot on the grid of the paper machine - Increase in the program of the STV-05 system


Water cutoff                                                           Increase in the STV-05 system


Video of the pickup of the paper machine - in the STV-05 system

 Photo of a pick-up truck of the paper machine - in the system STV-05


 Photographs of the press section of the paper machine - in the STV-05 system


 Photographs of the drying part of the paper machine - in the system STV-05





Photos of the rolling of the paper machine  - in the STV-05 system


Marking the canvas from the seam on the cloth



Stretch cable in the enlargement in the STV-05 system