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Controller for the lid of the digester BUKK-01


Control unit for the cover of the digester (BUKK-01) is designed to control the hydraulic drive of the cover of the digester.

БУКК-01BUKK provides the following tasks:
- activation of the electric motor of the hydraulic drive;
- shutdown of the electric motor of the hydraulic drive with a given delay after the performed operation;
- activation and deactivation of hydraulic drive solenoids in accordance with the algorithm of the operation being performed;
- indication of the current position of the boiler cover;
- indication of the presence of pressure in the boiler;
- issuing signals about the position of the boiler cover in the external system in the form of "dry" contacts.



 Protection:  IP 65
 Dimensions: 440 x 350 x 180 mm
 Weight 3 kg
 Power supply: 220 + 10 / -15 B, 50 Hz
 Power consumption: less than 20 V * A
 Digital inputs "dry contact": 6 pieces
 Output relay 240 V 10 A: 5 pcs
 Output for connection of three-phase electric motor 380 V 4 kW : 1 pc
 Ambient temperature:+5 ÷ +50 ° С