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Pulp brightness meter ANC-02


The  ANC-02 is intended for measuring   brightnness of wet pulp in a laboratory. The principle of operation of the ANC-02  is based on the measurement of the reflection optical radiation of three wavelengths by the pulp and subsequent processing of the signals.
The ANC-02 is designed as a desktop device and includes a rigid metal housing in which power boards, signal processing,  opto-electronic unit, pneumatic press  are located. Pulp of initial dryness of 10-20% is placed in a special container, which is installed in the socket of the pneumatic press. The measurement takes several seconds. The result of the measurement is indicated on the display.



Range of pulp brightnes: 20 - 100%.
Initial dryness of the pulp: 10-20%
Accuracy: 0,5%.
Presentation of information:
display  on the front panel , indicating the current value of brightness %.

Dimensions: 310 x 310 x 550 mm                                                                                                                                           Weight: 15kg                                                                               
Power supply: 220 V AC 200Wt
Purified compressed air with a pressure not less than P = 0.35 MPa
Environment: Temperature - +5...+40° C,   humidity up to 95% at 20 ° C