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Profile Calipermeter-03. The gauge of thickness profile of the press felts forming fabrics

калимметр 03APPOINTMENT
"Profile Calipermeter 03" is intended for measuring the profile of the thickness of press felts and forming fabric of PM in width of the web.
The measurement data allow  to assess the state of the cloth, their compaction, wear, and also predict the life of the cloth.
In addition, profiles of the thickness of press felts characterize the bombing of the shafts and the distribution of water permeability of the cloth along the width of the web.


калиметр-03Measurement Data are automatically stored in the device memory. The  results are displayed on the instrument monitor. With the "CaliperRD" software included in the package, the data from the device via the USB port can be transferred to the computer.
The measurement results do not depend on the material, humidity and temperature of the cloth.





Measuring range: 0 ... 8 mm
Thickness measurement accuracy: ± 2%.
Coordinate measurement accuracy: ± 2%.
Speed of the device moving  during measurements:  not more than 0.8m / sec.
Continuous working time of the device with a fully charged battery: not less than 8 hours.