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Analyzer of turbidity of liquid media ICO-17

The IKO-17 device is designed to measure the concentration of suspended particles, including pulp, wood pulp, CTMP, etc., in the pulp and paper production flows in a continuous mode.






The optical sensor of the IKO-17 is installed directly on the pipeline using a ball valve. The electronic unit of the device is placed at a distance of up to 10 meters from the optical sensor.






The range of the measured concentration is 0% ... 7.0%.
Current output ranges by concentration:
-the lower limit (the beginning of the scale) is from 0.0% .to ... 6.0% in 0.1% increments.
-The upper limit (optional) is from 0.1% to 7.0% in increments of 0.1%.
The maximum absolute error of measurement on all measuring ranges is not more than 0.1%,
Time constant of the device: from 1 sec. Up to 999 seconds. (optionally).
Presentation of information:
- digital display on the front panel of the measuring unit, showing the current values of concentration and whiteness in absolute units or values of electrical currents of the device.
- electric current outputs with ratings 0 ... 5mA; 0 ... 20mA; 4 ... 20mA.
Dimensions and weight:
- optical sensor D110x350 mm, m = 4 kg
- electronic measuring unit 300x200x130 mm, m = 3 kg
- ball valve 300x180x110 mm, m = 3 kg
- length of connecting cables - 10 m.
Sensor material: titanium, stainless steel,
- entrance window - quartz glass.
Power supply: 220 + 10 / -15 B, 50 Hz.
Power consumption is not more than 30V * A.
Acceptable environmental parameters:
Humidity - up to 95% at 20 gr.C
The pressure is 760 mm Hg. + -30
Temperature - +5 - +60 ° C
The temperature of the medium to be measured is 0- + 150gr.C